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What is Zubee Zone?

Zubee Coins are collected while surfing at participating Traffic Exchange sites, and they can be exchanged for cash or prizes at Zubeezone. You need to be a member of Zubeezone before you are able to begin collecting the coins. The coins range in value from 125 for silver coins, 250 for gold coins to 500 for the diamond coins. There is also a bonus rate which will increase the value of each coin collected. You are able to convert them into cash or for extra bonus percentages which will increase the value of coins collected. There is no minimum level of payout, and payouts are made each Friday.

It is a great site where you can be rewarded for being an active member on over 125 different websites. When you join the Zubee Zone for free you will be able to earn Zubees for carrying out activities on the participating sites such as logging in to your account, surfing on a Traffic Exchange, reading mails on a Viral Mailer, making a purchase on the site, and a whole host of other great ways to earn. You can even earn Zubees for Playing Games on a large number of Traffic Exchanges & Viral Mailers.

How Does It Works ?

1. 1. Create a Zubee Zone account by clicking the banner below.

2Make sure to add your Paypal email in your Profile after you log in to be able to receive payment every Friday (or leave it blank if you want to accumulate your earnings first before requesting one big payout) .

3Join a TEAM to win Team Contest Prizes. Those daily, weekly, and monthly prizes(Trophies or Bonuses) aside from flags from generous fellow team mates will help you boost your zubee earnings. From 1% - 30% bonus for every zubees you claim.

4Start collecting zubees from several associated traffic exchanges.

5Claim and collect silver coins (worth 125 zubees), gold coins (worth 250 zubees), and diamond coins (worth 500 zubees).

6Trade your zubees in the Marketplace for cash, potions(additional individual percentage bonus in claiming more zubees), increasing team member maximum limit, team flag(% zubee bonus to all team members).

Note: Prizes are constantly changing (either increase or decrease).

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